Lion King in West End

Thursday evening was pretty free for me, so I decided to catch Lion King, which my family tried to watch when I was 7 but tickets were sold out. And I never had the chance, until now, to catch it! 

Only decided 2 hours before the show that I was gonna follow through with it, and watch my first alone musical. Thankfully, there was actually 1 seat left on the first floor. 

And wow, was I impressed with the show. The production level was ridiculously high, the props were amazing and the songs were nostalgic. It was amazing. 

My jaw was hanging wide open on certain occasions, and the intro performance of a Circle Of Life was enough to already blow me away and assure me that I didn’t make a mistake in choosing to watch. It was crazy amazing. Speechless. 

On a Harry Potter hunt in London

Although I’ve been in London a couple of times, I’ve actually never seen the famous Platform 9 3/4. So since I had to drop by that area to pick up some lost mail, I decided to go in my teeny Harry Potter hunt. 

Most of the websites I researched on mentioned that the exterior of King’s Cross in the HP movies were actually not of King’s Cross, but of its neighboring station, St Pancras. 

Which totally made sense since it had the whole medieval magical look going for it. 

Next up was my hunt for Platform 9 3/4. Hoho, and there was a Harry Potter shop and an amazing long line to take photos with the trolley.

The trolley!!! 

The insane line! 

And the shop hahaha. 

After dinner with colleagues, we took a stroll through Hyde Park, and it was honestly some of the best weather London ever had. The blue sky! 

The Round Pond with a ton of ducks and swans. 

And Kensington Palance which laid on the edge of Hyde Park. 

Duck & Waffle in London

My hotel was rigggght opposite Duck & Waffle, so made a reservation and took the speedy elevator up to the 40th floor. And we had this awesome table right by the corner windows with the awesome view. 

And of course, duck & Waffle & duck egg was da bomb. 

Stuffed ourselves so full that I decided to explore the neighborhood around Thames. 

Headed towards the river and saw the Fire Monument which commemorates the London Fire of 1666. It’s the tallest isolated stone column in the world…. Whatever that means. 

Headed to the London Bridge, and there were flowers in the side of the pavements to commemorate the victims of the terror attack. Honestly I was hesitant to be on any bridges since they seem to be a sitting duck for rogue trucks. But oh wells, I wanted to catch the sunset (which I did! Setting over St Paul I think?), and had a great view of the Tower Bridge too. 

Next, I walked by the river towards the direction of Tower Bridge and chanced upon this Clarke Quay-like hangout with the Shard in the background. I randomly took a photo but it actually turned out pretty well. 

A closer up views of the Tower Bridge, I hope to make it across the river to the South Bank since I heard the view of the bridge is better from that side.

 And oh yeah, the Tower of London was next to the bridge, and I still remember visiting this place when I was 7, and the sight of all the crowd jewels made me really want to be some sort of royalty. 

And then daylight set and I made my meandering way back as I got lost left and right hurhur. 

Family Day @ USS

Saturday was my laziest day ever. Woke up so incredibly late to head for Family Day @ USS. But since my family wasn’t around, I just found some colleagues and actually managed to conquer most of my rollercoaster fears!! Did both the Battlestar Gallatica and the Mummy and transformer ride. 
Although the highlight of the day was definitely… 

Homemade Kimchi Fried Rice Kimbap

I watched it on WGM about this Korean restaurant that had their in-house specialty of using kimchi fried rice to make their kimbap. And I’ve always been wanting to tried. 

And finally I did. And it was a success. 

I made it for my colleagues when they came over on Saturday (which was just 9 hours spent eating drinking karaoking dancing watching videos). And then I made it again for dragon boat girls lunch, since evidently we are all suffering from withdrawal symptoms. It’s our 2nd team lunch in 2 weeks. But yes I received rave reviews and every last kimbap was swept up. 

I think I have a new homemade specialty muahaha. 

Random Monday blues thoughts

Hit by a sudden wave of longing to return to my athlete life. Not sure why… could be the recent Wonder Woman movie that inspired me to be totally fit and badass, or the end of Dragonboating, which gave me a hint of being some semblance of an athlete again, that’s making me wistful and nostalgic.

I did wonder on a few occasions, if I stuck around in Singapore after JC, if I would have eventually joined the National Women’s Waterpolo team, as a couple of my batchmates did. And as women’s waterpolo is gaining momentum, I would get a pretty good experience of travelling with the team and competing around. Does that tie into where I am in life now though?

On the other hand, I hardly regret quitting competitive swimming in uni, since it gave me so much, so much more time to explore my interest, make friends, pursue my then-flagging relationship with God. And I can imagine, that being an athlete now would compromise a lot on my service in church, time with friends, babysitting activities etc. O wells.

I guess part of this wistfulness is partly because whether in swimming or in waterpolo, I never made it to a level that I was satisfied with. And hence this little voice inside keeps spewing what-ifs at me — What if I stuck with it a little longer, maybe I would have one day reached a “level” I would be satisfied with.

Monday blues indeed, making me re-evaluate my life.