T-12 hours

The week-long mission trips to Cebu over Christmas has almost become an annual event for me, ever since I came back from Hopkins. It’s funny since the first time I went, my parents were totally fine with me not being around for Christmas. And I just kinda assumed they would be as okay with it in the subsequent years that I pretty much forgot to ask them about it.

Not that they were against it, since they didn’t stop me. But only when I probed and asked “You guys are ok with me not being around for Christmas rightttt?”, and my mum gave the most bopian “Ok lor, what to do, you book tickets already”


This year is also slightly special since my doctor sister is home for Christmas this year, which is fairly rare.

Double oops.

For me, planning mission trips and camps always have this huge inertia at the start — the daunting idea of all the prep, the discomfort of roughing it out, 4 days of leave (!!!) are reasons enough to really take a step back and reconsider. But I always think back to the amount of fulfilment I get in doing God’s work, how much I really thrive in such a people-centred mentoring role, how certain I am that this is the gift God gave me and how it’s my calling, I find it hard to deny the disobedience if I gave in to my human nature.

Cue Moanna’s theme song ~It calls meee~

This Cebu trip is also a frightening reminder of HOW FAST A YEAR PASSES?!?! HOW CAN IT ALREADY BE ONE YEAR SINCE MY LAST TRIP? WHAT DO YOU MEAN 2017 IS IN 11 DAYS? NO CAN DO !

Andd… what do you mean Megan Cara Myra and Jeriel are moving up to P1! Yesterday marked my last day teaching the bunch of 6-year olds whom I love so much that I moved from the Nursery class to Kindergarten to follow them. They’re honestly some of the sweetest kids and I feel so blessed to have been giving the chance to even be part of their lives. Cara gave me a stocking hairpin as a Christmas present yesterday and my heart simply melted. Jeriel told this story of how when he was in his mother’s tummy he stuck out a finger to poke his mom, and Amy and I nearly died laughing. And Megan, who is like a mini version of my sister, is just so cute I want to squish her. And Myra myra myra, who is so affectionate she loves to stick to me throughout class. Cue song ~How can I live without youuu~


Of course, I’m also excited to meet more new kids and teach them. But I’m still naturally a sentimental soul with attachment issues. I guess being in Kids ministry involves accepting that kids will grow up and move on, and I will eventually fade to be a distant memory in their lives. Maybe not so distant depending on if they still stay in the same church. But man, I can hardly remember my Kindergarten teachers who I saw Mon-Fri, much less my Sunday school teacher whom I see once a week.


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