What’s in store for 2017?

31st December 2016.

Who knew this day would ever come about? It’s scary how time seems to pass faster the older you get. And it’s even scarier how I’ll be turning 24 next year. And it’s shocking to think I’ve been back in Singapore and at this job and church for 3+ years already. 

The annoying thing about work is that it’s very easy to stagnate. In school, you get promoted from year to year, with more cheem subjects and more responsibilities with each passing year, without doing very much. It’s a rite of passage, it just happens. Sec 4 comes after sec 3. But in a workplace, just nuaing could easily cause you to stagnate. One year can easily fly by and you realize you’re in exactly the same position as you were a year ago. Progress and development has to be planned for and you need to work towards it. It doesn’t just come. 

I look to where I was a year ago, and squint very very hard  to get a glimpse of the leeetle bit I’ve progressed in the past year. This annual stocktaking becomes more crucial because before you know it, years fly by and you’re still at a standstill, lost and confused. 

2017 will be a fairly decisive year for my career. I’m in a new team and a year is about the right time horizon to judge if I’ll blossom and be totally awesome, or end up as a fish out of water. In which case, I really got to reevaluate and think if God is giving me a sign and calling me elsewhere. And I think I’ll be fine with either result,  since I’ve never cared much for my career in this industry anyway. The pay is good and the life is comfortable, but if God calls, God calls. Well that’s what I say now, but when push comes to shove, therein lies the true test. 

2017 is also a year I take a backseat in teaching Sunday school and take on a LT role with a stronger admin/visionary aspect of this ministry. It’s…still something I’ll figure out because I’m not sure exactly what are the bounds I’m able to challenge and push, but it’ll entertaining to be half the age of everyone else in the team. Sometimes I wonder if the parents feel any worry or concern entrusting their young kids on a weekly basis to this young punk (me) who has zero child-rearing experience. Well, thankfully nobody has complained so far. 

So while 2017 does hold quite a number of challenges for me, I’m half afraid I won’t be able to rise to any of the challenges D: Dragonboat will be in full swing for the first half of the year and from experience, it is quite the time sucker. But honestly the reason I still wake up for 8am trainings every Saturday, is the team. The camaraderie and the fun we have during training is something I last experienced in RJ waterpolo. And I definitely miss the whole process of training, pushing your limits, improving, with ten other people on the same journey as you. And yeah I’ve come to terms with the fact that we’re probably never gonna win since the others team are just much more committed and simply better. But the journey itself is rewarding, even if we don’t end up on the podium. 

I’m half excited half worried about 2017 because there’s a lot in store and a lot of revelations will happen for me. But…ahhhh.

Happy New Year! 


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