I’m already feeling the back to reality/work/life blues after a pretty fun weekend. Is there any job that just pays me to organize games, eat food, and hang out with friends? No? Well… fine.

The end-of year holidays really just gives people an excuse to cook yummy food and hang out and chill. It’s a pity sometimes we have to WAIT for such occasions and holidays before we think about organizing such events. What’s stopping us from doing such dinners on a more regular basis, just randomly? Do we really need a holiday before we can jio people?

Which is why I’m half thankful my family isn’t too big on these type of special holiday celebrations. I’m a firm believer in just going out and spending time whenever you want it, without the need of an occasion. Isn’t the reason of “wanting to spend time together” good enough to bring people together?

Since my sister is back, my dad randomly said to both of us, ”Hurry up and get boyfriends. I only have 20 years left to live.”

Okaaaay, but life expectancy is longer now, maybe 30 more years?

In any case, it made today’s devotion extra appropriate.

 Let no foreigner who is bound to the LORD say, “The LORD will surely exclude me from his people.” And let no eunuch complain, “I am only a dry tree.” For this is what the LORD says: “To the eunuchs who keep my Sabbaths, who choose what pleases me and hold fast to my covenant— to them I will give within my temple and its walls a memorial and a name better than sons and daughters; I will give them an everlasting name that will endure forever.(Isaiah 56:3–5)

Maybe the use of ‘eunuch’ is a bit extreme, but the crux of it is that the ultimate thing we should really desire is God. And while there’s a lot of societal pressure for us to start a family, buy a house and all that, God assures us that we don’t need any of that, because He’s going to give us something much better and eternal. And honestly, shouldn’t that be enough?

This isn’t saying that we don’t NEED anyone in our lives, but that our goal in our lives shouldn’t be about finding this Mr. Right. It should be about God and his promises, and if He does bless us with a life partner, that’s great. But if His plan doesn’t include this partner, it’s not the end of the world, since God’s promises is worth so so so much more. Theoretically, it’s always easy to recite this truth, but it’s much harder to practice it since this idea of the perfect family unit is so ingrained in our society that it you deviate from it, you probably have issues. Or you’re weird. Or you’re undesirable. Or… you’re weird, did I say weird already?

If I rewind back to 5 years ago, I never expected I would still be single and mingling at 23. And perhaps my life hasn’t gone according to my plan, but I’m still really happy and content with where I am in life, even if my friends one-by-one getting snapped up and off the market. God has blessed my life with so many other ministries and communities that I see his hand in every part of my life and I just feel so loved. And while I occasionally slip up and wonder if there’s something wrong with that I’m still single, I have to consciously remind myself to trust God’s plan and timing. Remember, God’s standards, not the world’s standards.

“To be wanted by God is better than being wanted by a thousand men.”


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