OK so things didn’t go as badly as I thought it might have. Through my error, we also discovered another error so we could take the chance to revamp and start anew. Thank God for this outcome.

And my 12-page minutes eventually got done. Spent the whole of yesterday chionging it out, I think 12th January 2017 can enter my list of top 10 most productive days.

Met an old friend who’s studying overseas 2 days ago, and I realize meeting in person is miiiless different from just chatting online, even if the conversation is very fruitful. Meeting in person, you are kinda guaranteed you are that person’s only focus and priority for that time. But chatting online, you just have no clue if the friend has one million other things/programmes running in the background and you’re just one of the many. and knowing that you’re each other’s top priority during the meetup is always a good signal to have, and the energy injected by both parties is just different.

Also went for Korean class on Wednesday night after 1 month of absence (holidays and all), and I realized how much I missed it. I’m not sure how I can fill the gap when I eventually have no more levels to attend. The main goal of attending Korean class is less about the learning, but more about the maintenance of my skills. Because from my experience of learning German, staying off it for months causes a huge drop in skill level to the point that I’m not sure if I can even understand any German now. But Korean is something I really want to pursue and excel at, so I might have to start looking for other ways to keep on practicing.

And hehe my Cebuano resolution has not been going well. I found a manual online to learn from scratch and printed 12 pages of it to study as and when I have time. I guess I just always find something else better to do =( But ok, that’s a reminder to get to it now.


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