Happy Chinese New Year! 

Happy new year to all! It’s the year of the rooster, aka my year, aka the year I turn 24. Sigh. 23 still sounded pretty young to me, but 24…seems to be a new high. 
The colleagues around me at work still think of me as some 20-year old xiaomeimei. Boss invited me to a meeting that day and this is the ensuing conversation that happened:

(I walk into the meeting room) 

Colleague 1: Did we invite the 15-yesr old prodigy? 

Me: 15???

Colleague 2: Oh, are you 17 already? 

Me: Guys, I’m turning 24 this year. 

Colleague 1: So old already? You’ve been with us for so long already? 

Yes indeed, I’ve committed 3.5 years of my youth to my workplace. 

It didn’t even strike me that I was turning 24 this year until I started seeing roosters being plastered everywhere and it struck me that it has come back to me after 2 years round the zodiac. Oh wells, I just have to embrace aging. 

Whole bunch of relatives sat down to watch Train to Busan today, and even if the main highlight of the show is the zombies, one if my aunties (who is a Lit teacher) pinpointed a lot of motifs and symbols littered throughout the show. Which was really fascinating, but also maybe a post for another day. *lightbulb*


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