At CNY lunch, CEO of my company was sitting at my table. The topic settled on what people do on long flights…

Person 1: I like to watch Billions, it’s this drama about insider trading

CEO: Oh, I don’t like watching all these finance stuff on flights, I already see so much of it at work.

Me: Then what do you do?

CEO: I watch Korean dramas

Me: *immediately sits upright* YOU WATCH KOREAN DRAMAS?

CEO: Yes, I watch it to destress. The latest one I watched was Doctors, with the –


CEO: Ah yes yes. My favourite one so far is that alien drama –


CEO: Ah yes that one. I really liked it. I really like the male lead actor –


CEO: Yeah, him. He’s really good at acting, I really like him.

Me: *jaw still hanging loose*

Yes, newest development in my work place, breaking news: My company CEO watches Korean dramas and is a Kim Soo-hyun fan. Hohoho.

Anyway, my department boss was joking later that we all needed to start watching Korean dramas so we could discuss it with our CEO. And I offered to be the subject expert hehehe


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