Babysitting Baby C

Monday came way too fast, after a very frazzled weekend all over Singapore.

On Saturday, had dragonboat training at 8am at Kallang, and then went to Pasir Ris for a stand-up paddling course. BUT, it started pouring right as we reached!!! And after waiting for about 30 minutes, we all decided to reschedule the session and head off for lunch. Which means we have to make another trip down to Pasir Ris again -.- And I live in the west –.–

Went for lunch at Boon Tong Kee (after dropping by my house to play Dance central). And by the time we were done, it was 4pm and it was pretty much time for me to head to Tanjong Pagar to babysit my friend’s 11-month old baby!!!

Honestly, it’s the first time I’ve ever babysat since I’ve never really had the opportunity to do so before. But thankfully M trusted me enough, and they had a quiet one-hour dinner without needing to fuss over Baby C. I’m a lot more used to handling and playing with kids over 3, who can walk and talk, so babysitting a 12-month old was a little more worrying. But thankfully, I played with him the week before, and he was already relatively familiar with me.

The hour passed by really well, and I felt so happy that my love for kids can help my fellow friends find some much-needed alone time. Playing with such young kids was essentially just about finding the one toy/book/action that would amuse them and repeating it over and over again until they lost interest, and then scrambling to find something else to grab their attention. Oh, and taking selfies with them just cause them to constantly touch their own face in the phone screen.

To his benefit, Baby C was also quite an easy baby to handle. He’s fairly calm and easygoing, and oh-so-cute. Definitely looking forward to my second session hohoho. And DEFINITELY looking forward to the day he joins my Sunday school class heehee

Slept about 5 hours on Saturday night, and after church on Sunday morning, I was pretty much concussed for the whole afternoon for 5 hours. What does it say if my afternoon nap is as long as my sleep at night hmmm


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