Working my first weekend

So last Friday, my boss, being a kanchiong spider, sat the team down and whipped us into shape.

“It’s been months and we have nothing.”

It was a severe accusation, because the pieces were just floating all over and not pulled in one place but to say that nothing has been done… got me really angry. But I just told him that I think I could easily pull it together, but he didn’t seem reassured

Anyway, so I planned to work over the weekend, so that I could shut him up on Monday with my amazing work. So I came in on Sunday (my first ever weekend OT) to work, and it was a super duper efficient 3 hours of non-distracted, K-pop blasting work that got done at my work desk.

So I sent it over to him and he seemed fairly pleased with the framework that I set in place (invented 2 days ago before I went to watch Logan). Then as I presented it to him on Monday, he asked for a couple more pieces to be done, but I told him I had already done in and it was already included in the slide deck.

He was hella impressed and commented that I was “totally going at it.”

Then I said, “I spent the weekend thinking how to make you speechless.”

And he cracked up muahaha.

Since then, he has been overflowing with compliments and it’s kinda amazing/scary that he could change so much from last Friday. Presented it to the team today, and I was 10 minutes late for the meeting (boss even reminded me yesterday night not to be late lol). But it was fine because they went through other agenda items first.

As much as I enjoy the compliments and praises, I gotta remind myself to give the glory to God. Super thankful that he gave me that brainwave for this framework, which was the foundation of the entire presentation. And sometimes I look back at the rocky and tumultuous journey it took to got me to this team, I’m grateful that God delivered after I convinced myself to stick on where I was because I still felt his call to stay.

*holiday mood right now*


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