Uberpool conversations 

I used to avoid uberpool because I hate small talk, but since it’s so ridiculously cheap in LA, I have taken it a few times and here’s my most “interesting” conversation with Fellow Pooler A. 

A: How’s your day? 

Me: Pretty good. And you? 

A: Tiring, I teach little kids chess and it was a long day. 

Me: Oh, do you only teach kids? 

A: Do you play chess too? 

Me:… I don’t really do chess

A: Oh, I thought when you asked if I only taught kids, you wanted to know if I could teach you too. Yeah I teach adults too. We can play a game sometime

Me: Um, I don’t actually know any techniques 

A: You could blindfold me and we could play a game

Me: *hurriedly changes topic*


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