SAVA Sprints 2017

The team took part in the SAVA Sprints 2017 and it was a fairly entertaining day. We took part in 2 rounds of 20-crew, and it was our first time even racing with a 20-mixed crew. And man, it’s way easier than a 10-crew boat. It’s way faster and lighter and just fun. 

We sent 2 teams in the Corporate Open category – 1 men’s boat and 1 women’s boat. And obviously, since we were competition against full men’s teams, we lost so spectacularly. The backwash from the boats were so great, I honestly felt like I was paddling through mud. A good second-last experience after all since the women’s team is likely not continuing after DBS Regetta. 

The guys team won their heat so they made it through to the finals. The funny thing was that one of the guys had to go off for a wedding lunch in between the heats and finals. And then when the finals got pushed forward, he literally had to rush down from Shangri-la to Kallang, and barely made it in the nick of time. The girls were waiting by the carpark to help carry his stuff and close the taxi door, and the guys were trying to stall for time by taking their own sweet time to report and to load the boat. 

They actually came in 2nd in the end, which might be our first and last podium finish ever. So overall, a good race and some truly movie-worthy moments I wouldn’t want to have missed out on. 


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