DBS Marina Regetta Day 1

Went down to the DBS Regetta race for the Mixed 500m. It was literally our first time rowing together as a mixed team since we always just trained individually in the girls or guys team. And we did a total stress-free 500m race with a timing of 2.51, and inched our way into the semis. We avoided the repecharge by 0.1s…what awesome  luck. We convinced ourselves that we had all this luck due to the dog poop that was in our tent in the morning. 

The guys also barely avoided repecharge by 0.5s, and we were all the more convinced by the dog poop theory.

We eventually ranked overall 8th in the semis for Mixed, missing out on the Grand Finals. Which was a pretty decent result considering it was the first time the mixed team even rowed together. 8th out of 27 teams… 

The guys made it through to the Grand Finals and placed 5th. It was our first Grand final qualification ever and it was a huge improvement from last year. It’s pretty amazing how far along the team has come. Tomorrow is the 200m races and I’m so ready to crash considering I spent 12 hours at Marina Bay today. 

Check out that synchronization.


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