DBS Marina Regatta Day 2

Day 2 started bright and early for Mixed 200m. Similar to Day 1, the mixed race was an easy warm up and we just kinda did whatever we wanted. Sadly, we missed the semis by 1 placing and we had to go to the repecharge to try and qualify again. 

The repecharge was vaguely a mess since the girls couldn’t really keep up with the new starts strategy we had. Thankfully, we still wormed our way into the Semis. And then eventually the Minor finals. 

The women’s race was a little more disappointing. We didn’t do that great in the heats but we did a much better and coordinated effort in the repecharge. Honestly I think it was one of the best sets we had ever done. Unfortunately, the other teams had the huge advantage of age and experience (some teams even used interns!!), and we missed out on the finals by 2 seconds. 

The guys did another epic performance. Making it straight to the Semis and then on to the Grand Finals. They even won the Dragon Tail race…despite some of them having raced 8 times that day. It’s really amazing how well the guys have done, racing up against some of the huge powerhouses.  

I got a little teary-eyed at the end of the women’s last race because I was really proud of how far the entire team had come. We never started off with the best chance, with only 9 rowers and with a fairly high average age. But despite that, I think our only goal was to do a set that we could be proud of, regardless of the timing and placing. And we definitely fulfilled that goal. It’s such a pity that we will be disbanding since I really made some great friendships with the team. The last race had such a somber feeling and the emotions just started welling up. I was really really proud of the whole team. 


Ha, even our captain started crying. 

I’m definitely going to miss training with the girls on a weekly basis. Sigh, this week had already been fraught with withdrawal symptoms over dragon boat. My Saturday mornings are never gonna be the same again… In fact it’s gonna be nonexistent since I plan to just wake up at noon. But dboat was always a healthy/fun/freaking early experience, and the brunch with the team after that was another highlight of my weekend. Colleagues became friends and it was really a great 1.5 years. I’m not sure what the dboat plan is going forward, but I doubt it’s going to be the same as the current team. I love that we still have a bunch of lunch, dinner and karaoke sessions planned. Hurhur. Hopefully, these friendship lasts. 

On a side note, I realized I’m way better at the 500m than the 200m. Which is strange since I was always a sprinter when I was in swimming. Weird. 

Haha look at how I’m rambling about this. Sigh sigh. I think I’m definitely gonna miss it. 


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