Babysitting Baby C again! 

I love that I love kids. And that by babysitting them kiddos, I’m also blessing their parents by allowing them to have some alone time. 

Went to this indoor playground in Suntec after work, where I basically played with Baby C for 1.5 hours? It was a good workout, that much I can guarantee. Makes me feel like I can make up for my lack of dragonboat training this weekend. 

He’s super loves spinning stuff, and the ball pit. And I super adore him hehehe. He’s walking quite steadily already! Such a big development since the last time I saw which just merely a month ago. Kids grow so fast, and I’m so glad that I can witness him growing into a little boy. I think he’s starting to recognize me and be comfortable with me so yay for #bff points. 


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