Random Monday blues thoughts

Hit by a sudden wave of longing to return to my athlete life. Not sure why… could be the recent Wonder Woman movie that inspired me to be totally fit and badass, or the end of Dragonboating, which gave me a hint of being some semblance of an athlete again, that’s making me wistful and nostalgic.

I did wonder on a few occasions, if I stuck around in Singapore after JC, if I would have eventually joined the National Women’s Waterpolo team, as a couple of my batchmates did. And as women’s waterpolo is gaining momentum, I would get a pretty good experience of travelling with the team and competing around. Does that tie into where I am in life now though?

On the other hand, I hardly regret quitting competitive swimming in uni, since it gave me so much, so much more time to explore my interest, make friends, pursue my then-flagging relationship with God. And I can imagine, that being an athlete now would compromise a lot on my service in church, time with friends, babysitting activities etc. O wells.

I guess part of this wistfulness is partly because whether in swimming or in waterpolo, I never made it to a level that I was satisfied with. And hence this little voice inside keeps spewing what-ifs at me — What if I stuck with it a little longer, maybe I would have one day reached a “level” I would be satisfied with.

Monday blues indeed, making me re-evaluate my life.


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