Duck & Waffle in London

My hotel was rigggght opposite Duck & Waffle, so made a reservation and took the speedy elevator up to the 40th floor. And we had this awesome table right by the corner windows with the awesome view. 

And of course, duck & Waffle & duck egg was da bomb. 

Stuffed ourselves so full that I decided to explore the neighborhood around Thames. 

Headed towards the river and saw the Fire Monument which commemorates the London Fire of 1666. It’s the tallest isolated stone column in the world…. Whatever that means. 

Headed to the London Bridge, and there were flowers in the side of the pavements to commemorate the victims of the terror attack. Honestly I was hesitant to be on any bridges since they seem to be a sitting duck for rogue trucks. But oh wells, I wanted to catch the sunset (which I did! Setting over St Paul I think?), and had a great view of the Tower Bridge too. 

Next, I walked by the river towards the direction of Tower Bridge and chanced upon this Clarke Quay-like hangout with the Shard in the background. I randomly took a photo but it actually turned out pretty well. 

A closer up views of the Tower Bridge, I hope to make it across the river to the South Bank since I heard the view of the bridge is better from that side.

 And oh yeah, the Tower of London was next to the bridge, and I still remember visiting this place when I was 7, and the sight of all the crowd jewels made me really want to be some sort of royalty. 

And then daylight set and I made my meandering way back as I got lost left and right hurhur. 


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