On a Harry Potter hunt in London

Although I’ve been in London a couple of times, I’ve actually never seen the famous Platform 9 3/4. So since I had to drop by that area to pick up some lost mail, I decided to go in my teeny Harry Potter hunt. 

Most of the websites I researched on mentioned that the exterior of King’s Cross in the HP movies were actually not of King’s Cross, but of its neighboring station, St Pancras. 

Which totally made sense since it had the whole medieval magical look going for it. 

Next up was my hunt for Platform 9 3/4. Hoho, and there was a Harry Potter shop and an amazing long line to take photos with the trolley.

The trolley!!! 

The insane line! 

And the shop hahaha. 

After dinner with colleagues, we took a stroll through Hyde Park, and it was honestly some of the best weather London ever had. The blue sky! 

The Round Pond with a ton of ducks and swans. 

And Kensington Palance which laid on the edge of Hyde Park. 


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