Sky Garden along Thames River 

Our course ended pretty early on Friday at noon, so I had about half a day to explore around London. Londoners must really have quite a slack work life though, the pubs were already flooded with people are 3pm onwards. 

First off, I had the Singaporean favorite Burger & Lobster which used to be 20 pounds a year ago. But now, it’s 27 pounds ish. #b&linflation. 

Anyway, I had the combo which gave both the lobster AND burger hohohohoho. And with this meal, I managed to conquer my fear of eating alone in a restaurant. Woots, even thought this waitress told me “No worries” when I requested for a table for one. Hurhur. Wells, the lobster was definitely worth it for the awkwardness. 

Took a walk to St Paul cathedral after to snap a picture of the signature cathedral. I didn’t even register this landmark the last time I was here although this was the station I alighted at daily hahaha. 

Walked across the Millenium Bridge to stroll along the river and got some pretty good pictures of the Shard (again) and a close-up of the Tower Bridge (again) 

Managed to reserved a free ticket for the Sky Garden which is in the walkie talkie lookalike building along Fenchurch. It was on Level 40 as well, must be some lucky number for the real estate in this area. 

Anyway, the view was amazing, even better than that of Duck & Waffle since it was nearer the Thames River. I spent at least an hour up there just enjoying the breeze and the view. 

And then went off to meet some friends for an awesome steak dinner, which photo was too blurry since I ate it in such a rush hurhur. 


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